Marsh Label Technologies

Variable Data Imprinted Labels

Variable Data Label.jpg

One of the most common variable data printed labels is a sequential number and/or barcode either incrementing or decrementing. These are often used to serialize items, as work-in-process labels or as carton “license plate” labels in a distribution center sortation and shipping system. Marsh Label Technologies keeps track of your numbering sequences so we can quickly produce new labels beginning where we left off previously and helping to ensure no duplicate codes are created.

Warehouse location labels are another common form of variable data printed label done here at Marsh Label Technologies.  Location labels are often printed from a database or spreadsheet of location identifiers and may include aisle labels, rack labels, bin labels, tool crib labels and asset labels to name a few.  We often provide overhead aisle labels and rack labels using a retro-reflective label material to allow for long range barcode scanning of the labels. For additional information about retro-reflective labels, click HERE

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