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UL Recognized Labels

UL Recognized Labels


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Many of the labels used for communicating electrical ratings, safety information, warnings and hazards are required to be UL recognized. UL certification is trusted by consumers, businesses and regulators around the world. Therefore the integrity of the mark’s use is critical in retaining confidence in what the UL mark stands for. 

Marsh Label Technologies maintains two different UL authorizations as follows:

  1. We are a UL Authorized Label Supplier Program participant under LP1603 file number
  2. We are a member of the UL Repackaged Recognized Components Program under E320600 file number

Being a member of the UL Authorized Label Supplier Program is the result of continually passing all facility-based audits and inspections of our processes and procedures used to print and distribute the UL Registered Certification Mark. This means we are authorized to create artwork containing the UL mark, submit that artwork to UL for their approval and print the UL mark on label products produced here at Marsh Label.

Participating in the Repackaged Recognized Components Program allows us to produce labels using materials covered under UL’s Component Recognition program and repackage/relabel the finished label product using the UL Recognized Component Mark on the new packaging.

With our access to hundreds of UL recognized base materials and our extensive background in specifying and producing UL recognized labels, Marsh Label Technologies should be your first call when UL labels are required.

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