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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

One of the most critical aspects of ensuring good thermal transfer print quality is having a quality thermal transfer ribbon correctly matched to the label substrate. Furthermore, initial print quality is just the start. What happens to the label beyond the initial printing both inside and outside of the production facility? Will the label be rubbing against guide rails on the conveyor? Will it be rubbing against other product on the conveyor? What about during shipping? Will the labeled product be stored outdoors? Does the ribbon need to meet UL requirements? What about BS5609 requirements?  All of these issues must be considered when selecting the best ribbon for the application.

inkanto ribbon families.jpg

With Marsh Label’s extensive background and expertise in thermal transfer labels and applications, we’re in a unique position to assist in selecting and supplying the correct ribbon. We offer an extensive array of ribbons including all grades (wax, wax/resin, resin) and technologies (flat-head, near-edge). Included among our specialty ribbons is a variety of colors, UL recognized selections and BS5609 compliant ribbons.

In terms of printer type, our offering includes ribbons for small desktop printers, industrial size printers, automated printer-applicator print engines and thermal transfer over-printers (TTO).

Marsh Label Technologies now offers the inkanto line of thermal transfer ribbons. The inkanto product line is manufactured by the world's leading provider of high quality thermal transfer ribbons for both flat-head and near-edge technology printers.

Our inkanto offering includes wax, wax/resin and full resin ribbons in a variety of sizes and configurations for all of today's popular thermal transfer printer brands.

Key features of our new inkanto product include:

  • Color coded leaders identifying the ribbon grade for the end user
  • Free printhead cleaning wipe included in each case of inkanto ribbon
  • Online Certificate of Conformity accessible via QR Code on each box of ribbon
  • Sample ribbons available for testing in the end user application
  • Lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defect

Our new inkanto product line is in addition to our other trusted ribbon offerings. Contact us today and our experts will assist you in matching the best ribbon to your application requirements.