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Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing creates an image by melting solid ink coated on a film ribbon and transferring it onto a receiving label material made of paper or film. The thermal transfer printing process takes place locally using widely available thermal transfer printers. The specific label material combined with the ribbon formulation determines the quality and durability of the printed mark.  Thermal transfer labels are commonly used for product identification, shipping and logistics labels and other industrial identification applications.

Thermal Transfer Labels1.jpg

Thermal transfer labels are available in an almost endless variety of sizes and end-use application styles. These applications include cold temperature/freezer adhesives, removable adhesives and aggressive adhesives in both paper and film materials. Pre-printed color logos, borders, stripes and flood-coats are also a common element of many thermal transfer labels.

Marsh Label Technologies thoroughly understands the critical elements of thermal transfer applications and has the experience and technical knowledge to assist in selecting the proper face material, adhesive and ribbon for your specific end-use requirement.

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