Marsh Label Technologies

Laser Sheets

From standard paper label laser sheets to high-end polyester label laser sheets, Marsh Label Technologies specializes in all types of laser printer labels. Our extensive library of 8.5” x 11” sheet tooling means we probably have the label layout you’re looking for, whether it’s one label per sheet or one hundred-forty labels per sheet. Blank, flood-coat and multi-color laser sheets all include the following features:

  • Lay-Flat Characteristics for Jam-Free Operation
  • No-Flow Adhesives Designed for Laser Printers
  • "Picture Frame" Designs to Enhance Sheet Feedability
  • Specially Designed Perforations for Laser Friendly Processing and Folding
  • Special Laser Inks Designed for the High Heat of Laser Engines
  • Dust-Free Sheeter/Conveyor and Static Elimination System

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