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GHS Labels

GHS, or Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, is the current standard for labeling all chemical products.  The GHS system requires all chemical labels to include specific elements such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Product Identifier, Signal Words, Hazard Statements, Precautionary Statements and Pictrograms designated for the packaged chemical.  GHS labels require two colors: black and red.  Red is used for the pictogram diamonds, while black is for the pictograms and all text. 

GHS Labels2 Crop.jpg

GHS labels can be produced using a number of digital technologies including thermal transfer, ink-jet and laser…or they can be produced entirely pre-printed flexographically.

Marsh Label Technologies produces GHS labels in a number of constructions and configurations.  For thermal transfer, we commonly produce labels pre-printed with the appropriate number of red diamonds and the black text is printed locally on demand.  Alternatively, for two color thermal printers, we produce blank white labels and the entire label is then printed locally as needed. Most laser and ink-jet GHS labels are produced blank since those technologies can generally print both the red and black colors on demand.

A related requirement for ocean going chemical shipments is a specification called BS5609. The BS5609 specification requires labels to meet specific performance criteria for adhesion, print permanence, and abrasion resistance in saltwater immersion tests. Marsh Label Technologies has a variety of durable materials that meet this spec when used with specific print technologies.

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