Marsh Label Technologies

Durable Film Labels

Durable film, or synthetic labels, are most often associated with outdoor use where the label will be exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Outdoor applications are numerous, including building products, garden equipment, tools, sporting goods, industrial equipment and steel production to name a few. Durable labels may be required for the life of the product, or simply for the transport of the product to its final destination. 

Indoor applications for film labels are wide and varied as well. Many products require durable labels because of how the product is handled, while other products may be exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, high-humidity, oils or various chemical agents. Other applications may include the need to conform to the shape of a product’s surface or the need for security through tamper evident properties that some specialty durable films offer.

Marsh Label Technologies stocks nearly fifty different durable film materials ready to meet your application requirements. From polypropylene, polyester and vinyl to Kimdura, polystyrene and PVC…with a variety of finishes and adhesive options…Marsh Label has your durable application covered.

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