Marsh Label Technologies

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal.jpg

Direct thermal printing uses a chemically treated label material that images black when a thermal printhead applies heat to the surface of the label material. Because direct thermal printing images directly on the label material, there’s no need for ribbon; saving the ribbon cost and reducing waste from the printing process.

Direct thermal label stocks are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. From retail information labels; to in-store labeling applications; to distribution labels, shipping labels, baggage tags and prescription labels, direct thermal products provide exceptional print quality. 

Marsh Label Technologies offers several grades of uncoated and coated direct thermal labels in a variety of adhesive configurations including permanent, aggressive, cold-temp/freezer and removable. Direct thermal labels can also be pre-printed with information such as company logo or color coded with borders, stripes, flood-coat or other identifying patterns. 

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