Marsh Label Technologies

Cover-Up/Opaque Labels

When mistakes need to be hidden or printed information simply needs to be covered up without showing through the label, that’s when opaque, or cover-up, labels come to the rescue. These unique labels have a dark colored adhesive or primer coat on the back of the label that acts as a visual barrier to any printing or images underneath the label.  One very common use for these labels is to cover up a bad or mis-printed barcode with a corrected barcode.  The opaque backing ensures the mis-printed barcode is not seen by scanning devices. 

Opaque Cover Up2.jpg

To cover up information on a kraft colored, corrugated container, we often add a kraft colored flood coat to the face of the label. This allows the label to blend in with the corrugated container and make the cover-up less noticeable. Another alternative for corrugated is a natural kraft label material.  Natural kraft labels have a face material consistent with the linerboard of the corrugated box, allowing them to naturally blend in with the box.   

These type opaque labels are available from Marsh Label in a variety of facestock and adhesive constructions.

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